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Address: 33 W. Baltimore Avenue
City: Clifton Heights
State: PA

Phone: 610-626-2110
Email: everafterpets@gmail.com
Website: williamslombardofuneralhome.com/

Their final goodbye is just as important. 

Our local funeral home is proud to be able to offer pet loss services to our community with the same high standards we abide by every day for our human family, friends and acquaintances. In addition to offering immediate response and dignified pet cremation services, we offer special pet tribute products and other grief support materials to make this major life passage one of meaning and significance.


  • Transportation of your pet from your home or veterinary hospital to our facilities
  • Private family goodbyes or pet memorial services
  • Large selection of pet memorial products
  • Assistance with pet cemetery arrangements
  • Delivery of the urn with your pet’s cremated remains to your home
  • Our SecurePassages pet tracking system for your peace of mind

Private Cremation:  We are the ONLY PET CREMATORY to offer a TRUE PRIVATE Cremation. This is a cremation procedure in which only ONE pet’s body is present in the cremation chamber during the cremation procedure and the cremated remains of that pet are returned to the owner. 

Semi-Private Cremation:  is a cremation procedure during which several pets are present in the cremation chamber. These pets are separated/segregated from each other by a physical barrier during the cremation procedure and upon the completion of the cremation the cremated remains of the specfic pets are returned to their owner. Please know that individual does not mean private. 

Communal Cremation: Sometimes referred to as a “Group” Cremation. This is a cremation procedure where multiple pets are cremated together without any form of separation/segregation. These commingled cremated remains are not returned to their owners.

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