Combating Roverpopulation

July 30th, 2013


There are more than 450 NJ-based groups dedicated to rescuing and sheltering pets. But even after all of that collective effort, approximately 100 perfectly adoptable pets are put down every day in NJ! I know. I was consumed with “rescuing” for almost 3 years. Then I quit – to focus on the other end of the problem . . . the source of pet overpopulation. was born.

Here’s what we do to combat “roverpopulation”:

EDUCATE: Presenting free workshops to schools, scouts, civic groups or businesses covering the scope of the problem and proven solutions, with age-appropriate topics and activities.

RAISE AWARENESS: Attending “live” events and creating public service messages on social media that target the diverse issues of pet overpopulation.

PROVIDE INFORMATION: Building databases, publishing newsletters and blogging about new developments to help pet owners and rescuers find resources quickly.

SUPPORT: Raising funds and awarding Spay & Neuter Grants to those smaller groups that work hard to save animal lives, but may be struggling in this economy.

INCREASE EXPOSURE: Sharing news to help promote organizations and programs that provide Spay & Neuter and other solutions to combat pet overpopulation.

Our approach at times may be humorous, but our message is serious. Visit Become part of the solution to combat roverpopulation! is a 501(c)3 organization entirely powered by an amazing group of volunteers. We all work tirelessly towards reducing pet overpopulation at its source. Please email Dee Doherty-Strelecki, founder, at