Cutting-Edge Cancer Therapy Offers Hope For Pets

February 5th, 2017


Hope Veterinary Specialists and the Veterinary CyberKnife Cancer Center in Malvern, PA offer a unique type of cancer treatment that is typically only available in human medicine. A machine called a CyberKnife offers a non-invasive therapy that allows a high dose of radiation to be delivered to a pet’s tumor in just a few treatments, spanning a week or less. By comparison, traditional radiation protocols using conventional machines deliver treatments on a daily basis for a month or more. The CyberKnife administers precise and targeted radiation to the tumor, practically eliminating the presence of side effects thus allowing the pet immediate return to normal function and good quality of life. Other, more traditional forms of radiation are also available at Hope and the CyberKnife Center to complement the country’s only veterinary-dedicated CyberKnife.

Radiation is typically used to treat localized tumors, such as tumors of the head and neck (brain tumors, nasal tumors, oral tumors), abdomen (prostate or bladder) and bone tumors, but there are a wide variety of cancers that are eligible for treatment. Radiation is often coupled with other forms of therapy such as immunotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery and other holistic approaches such as acupuncture. At Hope Veterinary Specialists, we are proud to offer a comprehensive approach to cancer treatment that includes clinical trials, traditional chemotherapy as well as cutting-edge radiation therapy.

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