Does Your Dog Suffer from Back Pain?

February 10th, 2017


Dogs living with chronic back pain may no longer have to suffer thanks to an innovative support brace that brings relief to the animal and peace of mind to the owner.

WiggleLess® is designed to help stabilize the spine and prevent injury in dogs without restricting their activity. When used as directed, the vet recommended and fully patented wrap aids in supporting the back, curtails twisting and relieves stress. WiggleLess® features a durable, lightweight and breathable construction. The brace’s built-in boning provides the snug and comfortable back support that a dog needs, while allowing for full freedom of movement.

Dog owners who use WiggleLess® report seeing increased mobility, reduced pain and overall improved comfort in their pets. Some also report using the brace as an alternative to a recovery cone collar, as a barrier to skin irritations, and as a stress and anxiety reducer.

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