Honoring our Senior Pets

September 11th, 2017


One of the most important things we can do for our pets is to provide proper care and attention as they age. The physical and mental changes can be devastatingly sudden or slow and barely visible. It is our duty as pet owners to recognize these changes and ensure our pets have the tools to live long, healthy lives.

Treating your senior pet to a pet photography session is a special way to capture the bond you share together and to enhance their quality of life. The normal, the every-day—are fleeting moments we take for granted. Whether your dog is sitting in his favorite chair or your feline is curled up in her sunlit window, capturing these everyday instances turns them into ex-
traordinary memories. Not only that, these are memories we can literally hold in our hands.

Photos are tangible, powerful remembrances of how special and meaningful one’s beloved pet is. The images also emphasize their very unique personalities. By freezing these moments, we are cementing their importance for the rest of our lives. The photos allow us to heal and provide comfort after we say goodbye and serve as powerful reminders of the extraordinary bond we share with our pets.

Pet Imagery by Lauren Kaplan
Lauren has been a working professional pet photographer in the Philadelphia area since 2007.
Pet Imagery has been awarded Best Pet Photography 5 years in a row (2010-2014) and Best Pet Services (2013 Philly Happening List).

Lauren provides memorable pet sessions in the comfort of your home or location of choice, allowing your pet’s true personality to shine.