Rehabilitation: Helping Pets Recover from Illness and Injury

July 30th, 2013

Has your dog or cat ever been injured or suddenly become lame? Rehabilitation can benefit animals with many problems but I think one of the scariest conditions a pet owner faces is a neurological issue.

Sudden paralysis or ataxic gait is a frightening site, especially if this happens without warning. Limping or leg weakness of unknown origin is also concerning. There are many different causes of lameness or abnormal gait. One cause is neurological issues.

Muscles are controlled by the nervous system so if there is damage or injury to a nerve, this will disrupt normal muscle function. It can also affect sensation, proprioception (sense of position of a limb) or cause pain.

Pain from nerve injury can be severe. This may cause your pet to be self-protective or to limit movement. Some of the types of neurological problems that can occur are herniated disc, FCE (fibrocartilagenous embolism), stroke, vestibular disease, tumors, degenerative conditions, or infection of the brain or spinal cord.

Rehabilitation will help restore muscle function and return your pet to normal activity. Acupuncture can also help the nerves to communicate with the spinal cord and enhance or speed recovery.

We’re here to help your pets recover from illness or injury and return to their fun filled lives!

Provided by:
Lisa Saez, PT, CCRT
Pamela Varga, DVM, cVMA
Dalia’s Doggie Rehab, LLC
Toms River, NJ