The Senior Scenter

October 24th, 2015

A Cage Free Senior Dog Sanctuary

Our “Dog House” was built to accommodate Senior Dogs that have been dumped by their owners or have become “homeless” through no fault of their own. Many times their owner has been admitted to a nursing home or has passed on.

Because we are small and depend on volunteers we must limit the number of seniors we can house and unfortunately cannot take them all. None of the seniors live in cages. Everyone has free range of their sanctuary home and the yard 24/7. Many have multiple medical problems and may only have weeks or months to live. It is our mission to make sure that they are loved and comfortable during their last moments on earth.

We rely solely on donations which is challenging since most of our dogs come and stay to the end so there are no adoption fees as with other rescues/shelters. We provide them with EVERY comfort a dog could want. The best food, comfy beds, a/c or heat, music 24/7 and LOTS of love! There are several ways you can help our seniors if you like what we do! THANK YOU!