What is Canine Rehab?

July 22nd, 2012

A weekend warrior turns from couch potato to Frisbee chaser, an elder takes a longer walk than usual, a young’un plays a new sport, unsure of how much energy to put out before being totally spent!  Sound familiar?  This could be you, but is it?  No…it’s your dog!

So now when musculoskeletal injury ensues, what do you do?  You would attend Physical Therapy if you injured yourself right?  So why can’t your dog enjoy the same professional services?  Our canine companions suffer similar injuries as their human companions.  Sprains, strains, herniated discs, osteoarthritis, to name a few. Why not offer the same treatments to your pets as you receive?   They deserve it right!   They will benefit from soft tissue massage, stretching, therapeutic exercise, ultrasound, cold laser and electric stimulation.  Just as research shows on the human side, injuries heal faster with intervention.  Recovery from surgery is quicker and more complete.  And most importantly, life becomes fun again more quickly.

Our dogs will work as hard as we ask them to.  They want to please us.  Exercise for them is often play.   By guiding what they do, we can help them to heal faster, get stronger and stay healthier.  Take care of your aching pal with the loving care of Dalia’s Doggie Rehab, Inc.  Dalia knows the benefit of rehab-she’s 14 ½ and still going strong!

Provided by Lisa A. Saez, P.T., CCRT / Dalia’s Doggie Rehab www.dalsdogrehab.com